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This beautiful pipe is made in the style of a “Church Warden” pipe, allowing the long stem to keep the light and smoke away from the users eyes. As a handcrafted piece, the set also includes a working Marshmallow shooter in the form of a small sling shot.

This bowl is made of aged Green Apple and is hand polished to a fine finish, as well it has been pre-carboned.
This stem is made of one piece (12.5 inch long) Maple and is not a straight stem we believe this ads to the uneekness of our Church Warden Pipes, it is hand sanded and lacquered for a durable finish with a copper ring to prevent splitting.
This sling shot is made from Rose of Sharon, it is hand sanded and lacquered with a replaceable (rubber band) and leather pouch sling on it’s own Osage Orange stand.