Northern Stars

Why do I call this Northern Stars?

After cutting the wafers out of my blank and seeing one piece looked like it had a bear on it, and knowing that Pecan is a very fibrous wood (it’s end grain looks like Bamboo’s end grain; a lot of little dots) I thought of Alaska with all their bears and all the Northern Stars. I hope I can keep what I see in the wood
. This is the blank of Pecan that I started with. It had damage at one time causing the healthy part of the branch to continue growing around the damaged area. I see a fish mouth in the bark that goes all the way around the branch. I still have that part and will see if I can bring that out, but that is another project for another day.

. Here are the wafers I was able to get.  I like how they look like mushrooms. All the dark colored areas are the older damaged part of the branch while the white area continued to grow till the main branch was killed off due to a fungus that was attacking the tree.

100_9496 100_9495These are 4 of the pieces that will become earrings.  The hard part is trying to figure out just  where to put the eye for the ear post.  Also where is the top?  And do I leave the bark on or not? This is a big question because if no one likes the bark on it will never find a new home and removing it changes the whole piece (remember there are 4 sides to the piece and they all have to be pleasing to the eye).

100_9498 Here is one earring that has been started. I hope that by the time the finish is finished I don’t loose the detail in the small dark spot (at this time, it’s hard to see but the spot looks like a bear on top of or coming out of a crack.  It will become clearer as the finish gets smoother). The large dark area has other swirls and shapes that come out as well. It looks like a bell is starting to come out in the large dark spot.

So please comment below and let me know what you think like or dislike and if you were doing it


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