The Wood Pile

Crab Apple harvest

We recently had the chance to harvest some local Crab Apple trees. Since all wood must be properly seasoned before use, we especially look for “seasoned on the tree” materials. Although well seasoned, we must be extra careful not to end up with a lot of rotted, deased or termite infested wood. This style of seasoning is part of what gives What Wood Be products their distinct and unique look. To help you understand seasoning better the rule of thumb is 1 year of drying time for every 1 inch of wood thickness to reach 8 to 12% moisture  content, this means if I start with a green  3 inch thick branch I have to wait 3 years before it can be used with out cracking or checking.

wood pile 003 This is the size of the pile after the first cleaning.


before and after woodpile 001 This is what is left after cutting all the bad areas out of the pile. As you can see there is a lot of waste in gathering our wood this way, a lot of work and a little stock is why this kind of wood is not used very often.