How come What Wood Be?

In 2001 as a hobby I was making small Christmas ornaments out of Apple wood and all our friends would look at the blanks I was using and ask “What is that going to be?” I would reply with “What would it be if you were doing it?” That started to stick in my mind and while I was working on a new blank, I would say to myself “What Would Be?” My wife and I liked the statement and decided to use it as the name of my projects. Because it had to be different, we changed would to wood ( at the time all my projects were made with wood) and so it began.

We still have some of the first things I made. What Wood Be has taken many roads since then to include all the materials I have worked with through my life including my pencil and ink art work. Some projects for friends and the shop are made by taking old or worn out items and turning them into something else useful.  A good example is my little Aladdin lamp. It was the valve out of the water tank of a toilet, from the time when all the working parts in the tank were made of brass. Also the Plane Air Fan that was made with parts from a lawnmower, microwave, gas powered model air plane, lamp parts and computer parts.