Welcome to the world of What Wood Be! Come on in and see our imagination put to the test in hand-made items. Each item is made personally and uniquely to guarantee that each one will not be the same as any other. All the materials are carefully handpicked to ensure quality and durability.

How can we guarantee that each one will not be the same? Simple really. Like the human body with all of it’s imperfections and unique touches, not every piece of wood, metal, and leather is the same as the other. There may be different grain textures, coloring, or external influences that gives it that unique touch to be one of a kind. And that is exactly what each one is; one of a kind.

If you venture to our Woodpile, or check out what is On The Workbench, you will see the materials we use today, the environment we work in, and exactly what goes into every What Wood Be product. This affirms that all our products are hand-made with long-lasting quality in mind.

So come explore our world and ask yourself what wood be, what could be, and what may be. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the results.